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A tagline is a short, powerful phrase that is an integral part of your brand identity. In advertising campaigns, slogans are often combined with logos. A polished tagline is a powerful and elegant way to tell your potential customers why they should do business with you.

In this article, we describe8 tips on how to find a good tagline. Not sure if you can come up with a great tagline on your own? We know where to find ready-made slogan ideas that are perfect for your business! We also made a list ofThe best slogan generators online. This is your chance to create a unique tagline in just a few clicks!

However, that's not all. We selected the most successful slogans of all time. Check out the best players on the market and get inspired!

But first, take a minute to figure out if you really need a tagline. If you already have a company logo, it means branding is important to you. A smart tagline has the power to enhance your branding and make your business or product even more recognizable. It would be a shame to miss this opportunity.

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If you don't have a badge, try this one.ZenBusiness-Online-Logo-Generator. It's simple, fast and effective. With ZenBusiness you have your corporate design ready with just a few clicks.

What is a tagline?

A company tagline is a short phrase that succinctly sums up the essence of your product or company. A slogan evokes certain emotions and feelings associated with your brand. However, slogans are more than just advertising media. Timeless slogans have the power to become an organic part of the culture.

Typically, a catchphrase consists of five or fewer words. A tagline should reflect your brand benefits or the idea you want to convey to your potential customers. A good tagline should be functional without being too complicated. Metaphors and alliteration are common linguistic techniques used to add depth and meaning to slogans. Remember, a good tagline is your chance to stand out from the competition and emphasize your uniqueness. We see and hear hundreds of promotional gimmicks every day, so standing out is no easy feat. You have to work hard to get noticed.

How to create a catchy slogan: 8 useful tips

1. First logo
Combine your tagline with a strong logo for maximum impact. However, a logo comes first. Before you start looking for a tagline, come up with a clever emblem that represents your brand. Ideally, you'll work on a tagline and logo at the same time to create a cohesive and balanced combination. Make sure your emblem and tagline complement each other and tell a cohesive story.

Big brands aren't afraid to adapt their slogans to changing priorities or markets. This is an essential process that helps the company stay relevant and competitive. If you feel the need to revamp your slogan every few years, go for it! To create a unique industry-specific logo, use theZen BusinessOnline logo generator.

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2. Take your time
If you are hired to come up with a slogan for a company, break your work process into several steps. It will take you an hour to collect information about the company you are creating a slogan for, an hour or two to generate some preliminary ideas, and two hours to ask your friends for their opinions and suggestions to discuss with your client. and make corrections.

Coming up with a tagline can be difficult, even for seasoned experts. It lasts at least a full business day, so make sure you charge accordingly. If you're the one in need of a slogan, take the time to choose your contractor carefully. Don't hire someone unless you're sure they have the skills to create the best tagline for your brand. And something else. Once you've approved and paid for the end result, don't ask the contractor to continue tweaking your tagline. If you don't like the proposed version, let us know right away. The contractor must change them, but only within the limits specified in the contract.

3. Keep it simple
To be successful, a slogan must resonate with the audience immediately.
You only have a few seconds to make the right first impression, so use this opportunity to your advantage. You can probably understand why the slogan "The best widgets since 1949" would be a complete failure. Try to think of something concise and simple.

Use as few words as possible. Fight the temptation to cram multiple ideas into one sentence. Avoid complicated and confusing words that could make your audience guess what you are trying to say. However, sometimes you can break this rule. If you can think of a tricky word that's meaningful enough to replace an entire sentence, go for it! Who knows? Maybe that word will make the difference to differentiate you from your competitors.
Ideally, your tagline should be a short sentence. Nike's iconic "Just Do It" is an example of this. It's an incredibly inspirational message that works across cultures.

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Whole Foods' slogan, on the other hand, lacks simplicity and emotion: "We sell the highest quality organic and natural products." This conveys the main message precisely but overly graphically.

4. Use humor
If it's relevant to your brand, make your tagline even more memorable by adding humor to it.

Check out what did with its bold tagline: "America's Only Video and Humor Site, Since 1958." First, he makes fun of the hackneyed phrase "such and such a year", which has become hackneyed and boring. Second, claims to be the only humor site in the US, which is so ridiculous it needs no explanation.

Also, claims to be America's only video site since 1958. However, in 1958 there were no video sites. As you can see, including a joke in your business slogan can increase your chances of getting noticed and remembered.

However, you need to get your priorities right. If humor makes your sentence harder to absorb, remove it from the mix.

5. Be honest and don't overestimate yourself.
Like everything else in life, honesty plays an important role in branding. It's safeBusinessCan you deliver the best quality your slogan promises? If not, you should probably change it.

Avoid pretentious words like "best" and "no". 1." First, these are clichés used by unimaginative companies. Second, even if you really are the best at what you do, you can't immediately prove it.

You have to find the golden mean. Try to convey the idea of ​​high quality and service without sounding arrogant. If you are a true professional, then you will certainly master this task.

battle for ideas? Here's a helpful tip. Imagine creating a branded message instead of a tagline. What would your product say to your customers if it could talk?

6. Think about your target audience
Think of your reach. Does your company target people in your region, country or around the world?

When promoting your brand in international markets, make sure your tagline works well across cultures. When translated into other languages, your phrase may lose its unique feel or even change its meaning. Take KFC, for example. Its eccentric tagline "Scrumptious" needed to be localized to suit the Chinese market. Thus, it became the least appetizing "Eat Your Fingers". To avoid future problems, hire a professional to translate your tagline into several of the most popular languages. If you're happy with the sound, go ahead and use it.

7. Think about what makes your brand special
Are you doing something none of your competitors are doing? Do you offer bicycle delivery? Perhaps your dental practice serves people with dental anxiety. For example, Crossoak Family Dentistry found a clever way to make their brand stand out in a crowded market. The dental company placed a large chicken in its logo and matched it with the slogan "Let's take care of the cowards". Use your tagline to give your business a unique feel. It's a sure way to get your phrase in the minds of customers.

8. Rhythm and rhyme
A catchphrase with rhythm and rhyme is always a good idea. As soon as potential customers see it on your sign or hear it on the radio, they're sure to remember it right away.

Once you've completed your brand identity with a catchy tagline, it's the right time to start thinking about creating your own website!

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What is a tagline generator?

Before we look at the best online slogan generators, let's learn what a slogan generator is. As we already mentioned, creating a slogan is not an easy task. It takes time, imagination and patience. You need to communicate your brand message in a concise and original way. Finding a worthy option can take days. You can spend this time doing more important things for your project, such as: B. developing your sales strategy or considering outsourcing opportunities. This is where online tagline generators come in.

If you're running out of time or inspiration, feel free to use automated tagline generators. Simply browse the suggested options and choose the one that best suits your brand.

The best slogan generators online

With hundreds of free tools available, it can be difficult to choose. We have compiled a list of the best slogan generators that offer fresh ideas along with a smooth user experience. These tools will save you time and help you avoid stress, so give them a try.

Zen Business

How do I create a catchy slogan? | zen business (5)

ZenBusiness slogan maker is a free online tool that allows you to create a stylish and catchy slogan based on your business name. Users can enter their industry to narrow the range of options generated by the tool. In addition, you can indicate which advantages of your company you want your slogan to highlight (wide range of products, exclusive solutions, low prices, etc.). Intuitive and smart, our slogan maker creates unique and creative phrases that will make your business derail!


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Enter one or more keywords and Shopify's tagline maker gives you up to 1,000 great taglines to choose from. Shopify is by far one of the best tagline services out there and it's free. While some sites may come up with completely ridiculous options from time to time, Shopify uses a sophisticated algorithm to come up with creative and memorable tagline ideas. With Shopify, your brand never goes unnoticed. Whether you're looking to add some pizzazz to your logo or launch an innovative marketing campaign, Shopify is your number one choice.


How do I create a catchy slogan? | zen business (7)

Getsocio is a platform that allows users to create complete e-commerce stores quickly and cheaply. Among the smart tools to start and improve your business, Getsocio offers an excellent tagline builder similar to what Shopify offers. Enter a keyword and choose from tons of ideas! Getsocio shows one tagline at a time. Keep clicking "Generate" until you are satisfied with the suggested option.

How do I create a catchy slogan? | zen business (8) is a versatile slogan creator that meets the needs of any business, regardless of its size and advertising objectives. Hesite webCreate slogans for brands and products. You'll also find a wealth of online resources for creating a successful, long-lasting tagline.

How do I create a catchy slogan? | zen business (9) was carefully designed with advertising needs in mind. Like similar platforms on the web, this tagline maker uses keywords the user enters to generate dozens of great options. Keep clicking Create Tagline until you see the phrase that represents yours.mercadoin the most accurate way. In pursuit of constant improvement, the site regularly updates its collection of templates and even incorporates user suggestions. is your chance to find a true slogan masterpiece that will take your ad campaign to a whole new level.


How do I create a catchy slogan? | zen business (10)

Procato Sloganizer has an impressive collection of popular slogans that have taken the advertising world by storm over the last few decades. The site optimizes legendary slogans by placing your keywords in the tried and true phrases. This is your chance to have the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you get a solid, successful advertising formula that is sure to work. On the other hand, you can customize it to suit your brand. Furthermore, Procato Sloganizer is an easy-to-use all-in-one platform for testing all types of content, web design, SEO frameworks, and more. Procato is a great solution for any eCommerce professional who wants to think outside the box and never stop learning.

Popular company slogans

While some companies update their corporate identities by changing their slogans, other brands have kept the same phrase for decades. What's the secret to a catchy, timeless tagline that stays relevant for years to come? How do you achieve perfection?

For your inspiration, we've rounded up 20 popular slogans from the world's top companies that left everyone speechless.

- just do Nike)
- I love (McDonald's)
– Have It Your Way (Burger King)
– Melts in your mouth, not in your hand (M&Ms)
– Because you are worth it (L'Oreal)
– What’s in your wallet (the main one)
– State Farm is there – Like a good neighbor (State Farm insurance)
– Adquira o look londrino (Rimmel Cosmetics)
– Strong enough for a man, made for a woman (secret deodorant)
– Virginia is for lovers (Virginia Tourism)
– You're G-r-great! (Kellogg's Ice Cream Flakes)
- Double your pleasure, double your fun (Doublemint Gum)
– Red Bull da alas (Red Bull)
– Mmm Mmm Gut (Campbell)
– Entering the zone (AutoZone)
- Come hungry. get out happy (I JUMP)


That was it! As you can see, online logo makers are great tools that can breathe new life into your creative process.

If you are unable to come up with a catchy slogan for your business, seek help from various services available online. Using a tagline generator doesn't mean giving up. It's a sensible decision when you're pressed for time. Instead of wasting time trying in vain to find a good slogan, you can focus on more important things like: B. Improving your business model, analyzing the market situation, developing a marketing plan, etc. Establish strategic priorities.

look at ourthe blogfor even more guidelines and tips for building a successful business. Don't forget to leave your comments and questions below!

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