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In Defense of AMORC: The Rosicrucian Journey of Luna de Illán

In this blog post, an AMORC member comes forward to share his journey and address some of the concerns and opinions that have been raised against AMORC. Luna de Illán shares her rewarding experience studying with AMORC for ten years and the benefits she has found in the helping hand of the brothers and sisters of the Rosicrucian Order. Also, he created this amazing Rosicrucian artwork especially for this post with a poem.

*A Note to Readers: This blog post does not officially represent the opinion of the Pansophers, but is a post by a new author who has joined us today.

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To my Hermetic and Rosicrucian brothers and sisters,

I'm going to tell you about my nearly ten year journey on the Rosicrucian path, which started with AMORC. I am sorry to hear that some of you felt cheated or misled when placing your order. I assure you that I experienced the opposite. A mystical school undoubtedly influences the student's mind and style. However, schools that overly ritualize the teachings create addicts, not adherents, in my opinion.

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Students who cling to the teacher's cloak for a long time stop walking alone. Exclusivity toward certain religious affiliations creates a polarization that disciples wholeheartedly reject. Since "all roads lead to Rome," Hermetic philosophy has a common place among the ancients. Changing schools is irrelevant to me now.

Someone like me appreciates the nonchalant nature of the AMORC system. I am officially Jewish and I know others.amarMembers who are Zoroastrians and Muslims. AMORC offers us the opportunity to work together and pool our spiritual potential for the "betterment" of humanity in the service of the universe. There is no discrimination, peer pressure and shaming about others' beliefs. It is not necessary to abandon personal religion to agree that "Christ-like" consciousness is the next stage of human evolution.

I am not an AMORC prisoner like Pierre S. Freeman. I entered the Order with full knowledge of what I was doing and with great enthusiasm. I had been trying to get into AMORC for many years and it's funny how that turned out. An old friend who was obsessed with the "Illuminati" asked me to get a tattoo using symbols from Manly P. Hall's book, The Secret Teachings of All Ages, when I came across the section on Rosicrucians. I suddenly remembered that I wanted to join them and looked up AMORC online. At the time, membership was on paper and cost $300 a year, which was a challenge for me (I barely made around $20,000 a year in California). I joined AMORC's Friend option for $77/year and received various materials along with Liber 777 and Liber 888. That was September 9, 2009. When Liber 777, also known as The Celestial Sanctum, arrived, I read the instructions carefully and tried for the first time. It was at that moment that I realized that I would complete full membership as soon as I could afford it financially.

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Let me say that AMORC has never behaved like a "money machine" to me, as some in the field have sadly commented. Quite the contrary: AMORC lowered its annual fees by creating an "online only" option at half the paper price and offering a monthly payment method. There was a time during my early years with AMORC when I could barely make ends meet on really low bucks and couldn't afford the annual membership fee. I notified Grand Lodge and they allowed me to continue receiving my monthly monographs for the following year without paying a penny. When I started paying fees again, they never retroactively charged me anything. During that time I visited Hermes Lodge every Sunday. Many brothers and sisters approached me offering money and other types of help. A beloved Frater who I've never met in person until today and who is a huge inspiration to our online community (and who also introduced me to this blog) sent me a generous donation. Another beloved brother who passed away a few years ago helped me review my resume so I could find a better paying job. How can I forget the kindness of those who helped me when I needed them, including Grand Lodge? It is difficult for me, as a follower of Rosicrucian teachings, to believe that those whoBlatantly insulting AMORCand slam, its members are anything but serious or advanced on their path to Hermeticism and Rosicrucianism. Although I have chosen AMORC as my Hermetic school, any other Hermetic order or student deserves the same respect that I accord my direct associates. I am grateful to learn from your various experiences.

I hear AMORC defectors complain of unmet expectations. Joining a Rosicrucian order should never be done with the expectation of getting rich. The Rosicrucian schools are the more spiritual schools of the "I" orders. It is true that AMORC has changed the content of its monographs over the years. It is not true that the new monographs are totally different from those that were sent out half a century ago. Interested parties can find new and old versions on selected Internet sites and form their own opinion. I do not advocate copyright infringement, so I will not post direct links; Of course, the style of language is very different, perhaps because AMORC wants to reach a wider audience. New content is presented in a simpler and more impersonal way, easier to understand for those whose native language is not English or without higher education, and obviously less engaging or exciting for intellectuals. Essentially, this is the main change.

Man-made organizations with headquarters and physical expenses will inevitably charge fees. Confidential articles are comparable to non-disclosure agreements. People obey orders willingly, not at gunpoint. It baffles me how some people conscientiously sign and abide by non-disclosure agreements but scoff at the "secrecy" of AMORC and other esoteric mandates. If a friend confides in you a secret, do you have the right to divulge that secret after you've had a fight with your friend? What kind of friend would you be? Also, do you really think so? Because if one believes, it can be concluded that under infallible Cosmic Law, not just “whatever one says”, but anything one thinks can be used against him. I suggest thinking through the implications of what I just wrote.

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In summary, my experience at AMORC was very spiritual, surrounded by loving, generous and non-materialistic brothers as some mistakenly think. Brothers and sisters I have seen prosper financially over the years since I have known them in Hermes, along with myself, thanks to the application of the hermetic principles practiced by AMORC members to be taught, and to the Divine Spirit of All. Nothing to do with the tariffs charged by AMORC, Hermes or forced AMRA. For those who wish to learn more about his teachings, I can recommend a very controversial book (not sponsored by AMORC) which cost the author his membership and which is one of the main reasons why AMORC rewrote the old monographs. This book ironically brings people to AMORC today despite the problems it caused when it was first published. It is titled Wisdom of the Mystic Masters by Joseph J. Weed.

My eternal "Bible" is called "The Kybalion". Impressed by the level of depth and research found in many occult books I have read, to this day I cannot find any other work that pulls all the pieces together as coherently as this book. Simple enough to hit the novice, broad enough to capture the essentials, intentionally vague to skip the minutiae that impede many mystics' spiritual advancement. Therefore, I agree with Sam Robinson's view that AMORC was heavily influenced by William Walker Atkinson and that it is primarily a "reformed" Rosicrucian version of the ancient Rite of Memphis-Misraim. None of this offends me or makes me want to leave. On the contrary: I smile secretly with pride. However, I do not agree that William Walker Atkinson was an Eastern mystic. One might think so because of her fondness for Indian pseudonyms or because of her yoga work. Although the core of his philosophical work was based on Eastern teachings, there is a small gulf between Atkinson's occultism and Eastern mysticism for those who "dig" both. I believe that Atkinson is the true embodiment of modern Western mysticism. There is no particular reason for Western mystics to bypass Eastern lore in favor of paganism and magic. As I have already written, “all roads lead to Rome”.

This is how it should be!

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the sun gives light and life
lives in the rose that opens,
offering blood rose,
Heart of the mighty ankh of ancient Amarna.
ex-Pink Apes Mel,
rose honey for bees
love dear
Mel Dei.
Of,she, you, me, we charmed two companions,
Bearer of the Unique Code, Pythagorean lineage,
harmonizer of worlds,
The two great pillars.
The winged brothers of good and evil: "I", ​shine.
Finite spheres of infinity.
Third, the steps of the neophyte.
Three, from Nimbus to Fractal.
three outTrinosofie.
Three times great.
three to one
One for none.
To the mystical Shekinah, kneel in silence before the universe.
Close all eyes except the zenith and look within:
The "OM" is the secret song of "AM".
AM is the alternate chessboard of Nous and Null.
Triangle Hit Points

Von Luna de Illán

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