Interpersonal skills: what they are and why they are important in the context of employment (2023)

The good news is that companies are hiring, but there is still considerable competition for the best jobs. Of course, there's plenty of advice on what can make you stand out and help you land the most in-demand job – but interpersonal skills top the list. You are what employers want and what can give you an advantage over other candidates.

What are interpersonal skills? Essentially, it's your ability and competence to relate to people around you - relationships that are effective, constructive, and fulfilling.

And you won't want to take interpersonal skills for granted. You need to be specific in your resume, but also highlight the ones that are most important to employers and demonstrate strong interpersonal skills.

Hot job market

The good news is thisorganizations employThe survey shows that 62% of HR managers plan to hire new employees by the end of 2023Harris Research for Quick Hire Professionals. Talent managers (52% of them) say their companies are hiring to cope with increasing workloads. In addition, 48% say they have created new jobs they need to fill, and 42% are trying to fill vacancies through shifts. Hiring employees to support expansion into new markets is a priority for 28%.

Final score? Opportunities abound and it's a great time to stand out with your ability to create, develop and maintain strong relationships with team members, colleagues and leaders.

1. Start with self-awareness

Interpersonal skills always start with confidence. You need to understand yourself in order to be good with others - what is important to you, what you may be struggling with, what your hot buttons are, how you react to situations, and how you react to others.

One way to think about self-awareness is to look through the lens of emotional intelligence (EQ) - the ability to perceive, understand, use and manage your own emotions. Basically, when you understand yourself, it will be easier for you to connect with others.

In the survey, 77% of managers said that EQ is very important and that they have improved it in the last two years. Additionally, 81% said their management pays attention to EQ and evaluates it in their performance reviews. This is the result of a survey conducted by himCapterra. Bottom line: It's smart to design an equalizer to do the job, but also to deliver great performance.

If you're considering a new job, give examples of how your confidence has helped you in relationships. Perhaps you were aware of your strong opinions about something, but noticed that someone else was sensitive about it, so you deliberately asked more questions and avoided overexpressing your views. Or maybe you were aware of your own limitations related to a problem at work and were able to ask for help from team members and count on their support in a key area.

2. Communicate brilliantly

Another characteristic of interpersonal skills is the ability to communicate effectively. Data analysis shows that employers are looking for communication skills in 28% of jobsAfternoon. This makes sense because communication is the lifeblood of strong relationships.

Think of it as communication skills that involve both sending and receiving information. Sending information is about expressing your views and conveying information clearly. Receiving information includes the ability to pay attention to others, ask questions, listen and be open.

Communication skills also include verbal and non-verbal communication channels and feedback processes that help you constantly adjust your behavior so that you can build the best relationships.

Tell stories about how you successfully shared important information or expertise to contribute to a result, or how you listened to a colleague to use their new ideas as part of the innovation process. And, of course, show your openness and ability to do soFormulate your ideas during interviews.

3. Work constructively together

Not surprisingly, interpersonal skills also include collaboration and effective teamwork. There are few elements of work that do not include an element of cooperation – employers want to know that you can effectively manage relationships in a collegial environment.

According to Adzuna, teamwork is required for 8% of jobs and is in the top 20 skills recruiting managers look for, along with collaboration and coaching skills. In addition, according to a Capterra survey, 74% of managers say that collaboration is one of the two most important skills necessary for success.

Talk to recruiting managers about your ability to work with the team, identify what the team needs to grow, leverage your unique skills, persevere, and ensure all team members are valued and effectively committed to delivering results.

4. Manage conflicts and solve problems

Teamwork is closely related to the ability to manage conflicts and solve problems. Challenges and misunderstandings are a natural part of working with others – that's why the ability to solve difficult situations is what employers look for. According to Capterra, 74% of managers say conflict resolution is one of the most important power skills to develop.

Solving this challenge also requires flexibility – according to Adzuna data required by as many as 35% of workplaces.

When talking to potential employers, give examples of how you handled challenges or difficult interviews. And describe how flexible you are in solving problems, innovating and collaborating effectively with team members, especially where you may have had conflicting approaches.

Tell a story about how you and your colleague had different points of view, but that's how it wasable to overcome differencesand achieve a breakthrough in the project. Or discuss a situation where a colleague expressed conflicting opinions about you and you were able to put those differences aside to achieve positive outcomes for the client. Give examples of how you have adapted your approach in light of new information or changing market conditions.

All this will attract the attention of the employer and appreciate your interpersonal skills.

5. Lead and influence others

Employers also look at your ability to lead and influence others effectively - and these are part of your interpersonal skills when building relationships where you can engage, motivate and persuade others.

According to Adzuna, management skills are the most sought-after skills: 36% of jobs require them, and 12% of jobs mention leadership skills. In fact, management skills in accounting and finance, energy, engineering, human resources, IT, law, public relations and science rank first based on Adzuna data.

Be sure to give potential employers examples of your interpersonal leadership and influence skills. speech aboutTimes when you took a step forwardhelp your team save themselves in the face of a customer complaint or promotion thanks to your positive influence on the team and the ability to inspire colleagues through a challenge.

6. Express your energy

Organizations also hire because of their approach and energy. You don't have to be positive and irritatingly enthusiastic all the time, but companies want to hire committed and dynamic people.

In fact, 13% of jobs said they needed friendly people, 11% confident people, 7% enthusiasm, and 5% motivation—according to Adzuna, it made the top 20 qualities recruiting managers want.

Life is hard and work can be stressful, so a great attitude and attitude will set you apart. You can share examples where your enthusiasm has been appreciated and you can be sure to show your positive attitude during interviews.

Shape your future

It's time to find a great role, and your skills in building, building and maintaining great relationships - interpersonal skills - will make you invaluable to recruiting managers. Focus on interpersonal skills that include self-awareness, communication, collaboration, conflict management, leadership, and attitude.

Also, take a two-pronged approach by giving examples of your skills by demonstrating them in the selection process.

Interestingly, the people you hire are most involved in your success, and the relationships you build in the recruitment process are the beginning of a relationship that will reward you (and others) for years to come.


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