Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (2023)

You're about to discover a carefully curated collection of modern resume templates that are professional, attractive, and best of all, free to download. We've done the hard work for you and handpicked the 20 best free online resume templates. You are here.

Do you want to save time and have your CV ready in 5 minutes?Try our resume builder. It is fast and easy to use. In addition, you get ready-made content that you can add with one click.Check out over 20 resume templates and create your own here.

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (1)

Use this resume template

Sample CV made with our wizard –More CV examples can be found here.

Free resume templates for Word

Microsoft Word still dominates the search for free resume templates.Almost 600,000 companiesOffice 365 is used only in the US. This market dominance and easily accessible collection of templates make it a firm favorite among job seekers around the world.

We've selected some of the best, but if none of them catch your eye, we encourage you to explore the full range of their repositoryHere. Note that these are most often listed as resume templates, not resume templates.

Professional advice:Many of the templates in the MS Office collection include a section for your photo. Remove it. A UK CV template should never include a photo or personal information such as date of birth or marital status.

1. Red monogram

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (2)

Simple but modern cut, striking red color scheme and a distinctive monogram with your initials. This free downloadable resume for Word looks fresh while remaining professional. Just make sure you change your section headings to use the correct UKresume format.

Download it here for free.

A good template will only get you so far. Learn how to write a resume here:How to write a CV: UK job examples

2. MOO's creativity

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (3)

Here's a free creative resume template created in partnership with digital printing and design company MOO. Geometric header, footer, CV icons and turquoise accents add to the attractiveness. However, since the effect is subtle and the content is still readable, you don't have to worry about it being scanned by the ATS software. A great choice for MOOving your app.

Download it here for free.

3. Green cube

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (4)

In color psychology, green represents balance and harmony. Themodern resume templateIt uses a range of green tones and greatResume Layoutcontains all the information a recruiter needs. The two-column format also provides enough space for eye-catching textsPersonal statement in the CV. The original template includes a photo, but just click on it and remove it to make sure you're following UK CV best practice.

(Video) Professional Resume CV Templates Free Download | MS Word Docx format ( CV එකක් නොමිලේ හදා ගන්න)

Download it here for free.

4. Soft yellow

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (5)

From balanced green to sunny yellow. This free Word resume template is sure to stand out from the crowd. Everything is also carefully packaged, ensuring a clear and legible presentation. It has a fresh and youthful character that is perfect for everyoneCV of the student.

Download it here for free.

Many students choose a CV based on competence, but is it right for you? Continue reading:Skills Based Resume Format [Complete Guide]

5. A timeless classic

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (6)

Like a little black dress or a well-tailored suit - some things are timeless classics. This free, simple resume template has a traditional look with a subtle gray accent. It's a very clean, conservative look that would be a good choice when applying for traditional corporate positions. If you like this one, be sure to check out our offerBasic resume templates to download.

Download it here for free.

These are just five of the free resume templates offered by Microsoft Office. However, before you decide on one of them, let's get acquainted with the pros and cons.

Advantages of a free CV template in Word

  • A wide range of six-page free resume and cover letter templates.
  • A popular file format.

Free resume template for Word

  • Keeping your appearance intact can be very difficult. Creating longer episodes or trying to make significant changes often causes everything to slip out of tact and become a complete mess.

Keep this in mind when writing your resume in Word. Then picking Microsoft's biggest competitor in the office suite game.

Free resume templates for Google Docs

G Suite is the successor to Microsoft Office as the office suite of choice for business and home users.Over 5 million companiesTaking advantage of Google's cloud-based solution, free resume templates for Google Docs are becoming more and more popular. If you already have a Google account, you can get started right away. If not, it's very simpleset one.

Ready? Then take a look at our selection.

Then go toGoogle Docs Homeand click "Template Gallery" in the upper right corner. Then scroll down until you find "CV". Unfortunately, Google also prefers the American term.

1. Green mint

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (7)

This free resume template comes from the Google Docs template gallery. The design is simple and clear, but the green mint green accents add real freshness, just like mint in a well-made mojito. To access the template, just go to GoogleTemplate galleryand search for "mint" if you don't see it right away. There is also a bonus. Like all Google resume templates, this one comes with a matching template you can usewrite a cover letter.

2. Serif

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (8)

Here is another free resume template from Google's own gallery. It was named after the sheriff's choiceresume fontThis is another simple and clean design. It's also easy to customize so you can change the order of the sections. It would be a good choice for onegraduate resumeWhere your learning area should go first.

(Video) Create Best CV for Free in MS Word | Best CV Format 2022

3. Swiss

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (9)

Our third free resume template from the Google Gallery is the enigmatic name "Swiss". I can't tell you what the relationship is with Roger Federer country and Lindt chocolate, but if it's even half as good as those two things, you've got a winner! Seriously, this is a solid, well-structured resume template. It makes full use of white space and separates sections for easy reading and is a great choice for almost any job or career.

Want to know how long a CV should be? You will get the answer here:How long should a resume be? Best page length

4. A contemporary writer

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (10)

There are several free resume templates available in the Google Docs gallery, but they all stand out for their simplicity and attractive design. The modern writer is no exception. The simple structure with fun pink details makes it a great choice as a free creative resume template. However, the continuous text font is a bit too small to read well. Increase the value to 11-12 points so that you don't squint like your grandfather when he forgot his glasses.

5. Fence

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (11)

The last of our free resume templates from the Google Docs gallery is Coral. I don't see any connection to a tropical reef, much less finding Nemo, but I do see an attractive, simple resume that is sure to impress. There is my favorite featureSample resume templateusing pairs of fonts with tasteful use of italics in the "Experience" and "Education" sections.

I'm sure you'll agree that this is a good way to download a free resume template. But they also have pros and cons, so let's take a look.

Free resume templates for Google Docs

  • Simple and easy to edit.
  • You don't need access to Microsoft Office, just a free Google account.

Disadvantages of the free Google Docs resume template

  • No large assortment. These are just five resume templates in the Google gallery, and good third-party examples are hard to come by.

Fortunately, there are other options for finding the best free resume template, so let's take a look at them.

Free resume templates for Word and Google Docs aren't perfect. Of course, they are readily available, but working with them can be very frustrating. The job search is stressful enough. Take the stress out of our resume builder. That's why you'll love it.

  • There is no problem with the layout of the CV. Just enter your details and the contractor will take care of the rest, making sure everything stays clean and tidy.
  • All our templates are ATS compatible and you can choose from 400 colors and a range of professional resume fonts.
  • The best part is that you get expert advice as you typebest resume templatehave you ever written

When you create a resume in our resume builder, drag and drop bulleted points and skills and automatically fill in the boring items. Spelling check?check it out. Start buildingyour CV here.

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (12)

Create my resume now

when you are doneKonstruktor CV firmy ZetysWe will evaluate your CV and inform you about itExactlyhow to do it better

More free resume templates

Microsoft Office and Google Docs both have excellent resume templates in their online repositories. However, there is a huge selection of biographies from other sources just waiting to be discovered. Canva is an amazing source for free, creative resume templates. All you need to do is create an account.

(Video) HOW TO MAKE A CV 🇬🇧 EASILY & IN MINUTES | Free UK CV Template 2022 | CV Format for Jobs

1. Marineblau-orange

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (13)

Navy and orange is the first in our collection of free Canva resume templates. The colors are bright and eye-catching, but the clever use of fonts and geometric shapes keeps it looking professional. It resembles a company logo, achieving a perfect balance between content and white space.

Use this template here for free.

2. Eye-catching color

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (14)

This specimen deserves to be listed for its amazing lifespan alone. Fiery red and lemon yellow combine in a two-column format to create a free resume template that almost jumps off the screen. Use this tooWillebe noticed. Probably best reserved for professions where visual talent is key, such as graphic designers, game developers or cameramen.

Use this template here for free.

3. Pink and dark blue icons

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (15)

Another free resume template from Canva, but this time with a much softer use of colors. It uses bold symbols on a dusty pink background and features eye-catching infographicsSkills section.. A good choice for visually creative spaces where you don't want to stare into the recruiting manager's retina.

Use this template here for free.

4. Gray Simple minimalist

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (16)

Don't like the color? No problem. How about this stylish monochrome resume template? It's not exactly 50 Shades of Grey, but it's sure to spice up your job search with its professional look. Monogrammed initials add an exclusive touch and give it a custom finish.

Use this template here for free.

5. Black and pink

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (17)

our lastCanva resume templateshows that you don't always need bright colors to make an impression. This free resume template has a black background and text that shines like stars in the night sky. However, it would not be the best choice for more conservative career fields, and it would be difficult to perform well on paper. Still, there is something about resumes with dark backgrounds that catch the eye.

Use this template here for free.

As you can see, Canva offers amazing free creative resume templates. Again, they have their strengths and weaknesses.

Benefits of Canva Resume Template

  • Editing in Canva is fast, easy, and intuitive.
  • You can download your resume in PDF format to keep the layout.

Cons of Canva Resume Template

  • Many templates cannot be scanned by ATS systems. If your CV cannot be scanned, it will be rejected immediately.

Professional advice:If important information is in your CV in the form of graphics, ATS cannot scan it. When in doubt, save your resume as a plain text file and review the results. If information is missing, characters are displayed incorrectly, or the order of sections is incorrect, the text has failed the ATS readability test.

(Video) 5 Best Websites For CV Templates | Word | Free Download

Our ultimate collection of free resume templates comes from multiple sources. Let's see.

6. Paint black

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (18)

This template combines style and simplicity in one package that proves that black and white doesn't have to be boring. The black border and hexagonal CV symbols make this one unique. It would also look great printed on high quality resume paper. It is available in PSD, Word and AI format and is created by Good-CV.

Download this free resume template here.

7. Fruity pink

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (19)

This tasty example is provided by Freesume and is available in Word DOC format. There is something about this shade of pink that resembles a delicious tropical fruit. It's eye-catching without being overly flashy, and the headline is attractively designed with a strong emphasis on the candidate's name.

Download this free resume template here.

8. Cold as ice

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (20)

Pastel colors can also work. This modern resume template is also offered by Freesume and is available for free download in Word format. The light blue tones are subtle and soothing, and in the Work Experience and Education sections, you'll notice the unique design.

Download this free resume template here.

9. Egg goodness

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (21)

Who doesn't like a good roast? For this free resume template, all you need is a piece of bacon to feel like breakfast. This is a fun example of what a little imagination can do. But best for jobs in the creative industry. It is available in AI format and comes with Smash CV.

Download this free resume template here.

10. Prekrasna umna mapa

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (22)

Our latest free resume template is a really quirky and creative example. It's akin to one of those moving mind maps that are frantically scribbled on the whiteboard during business brainstorming sessions. Definitely only suitable for creative careers. Unconventional layout will not convince conventionally thinking recruiters. It can be downloaded in Word format from Smash CV.

Download this free resume template here.

If you're looking for simpler resume templates, check out some examples here:Over 18 basic resume templates to download

In addition, an attractive cover letter that matches your CV will give you an advantage over other applicants. You can write it in ourThe cover letter builder can be found here.It might look like this:

Over 20 free UK CV templates to download (Word, PDF...) (23)

(Video) CV Template Word DOWNLOAD FREE ⬇ (2020) 😱 - Blue Resume Design with Icons ✪ DOCX ✪

See moreDownload cover letter templates and start writing.

And this is our complete rundown of free resume templates. Did you have a favourite? Do you have useful resources to share? Contact me in the comments section and let's start a discussion.


Is there a free CV template UK? ›

myPerfectCV offers the best CV templates for the UK. Our graduate template is a choice for anyone writing a CV for the U.K market. These CV templates contain experience, skills, education and personal statement sections as standard. A clear CV template with example content for teaching jobs in the UK.

How do I get a free CV template in Word? ›

Open Microsoft Word and click "file", then "new". Select the "curriculum vitae" template from the list of available templates. If you do not see it, type "curriculum vitae" in the search bar. Open this template and fill in your details.

Where can I download CV templates for free? ›

Within our free plan, you can use Resume.io to create a perfect resume from scratch using our free professional templates. A Professional resume template can work in just about any position where you need to highlight your experience with just a touch of design and layout flair.

How can I make a CV online for free UK? ›

CV Builder is 100% free for all users. Simply visit www.cv-library.co.uk/cv-builder and get started today.

How do I download a UK CV format? ›

This free UK CV template should work well across multiple industries. To access their templates you need a Google account. Then you open Google Docs, then click File>New>From Template and scroll down to see the free CV templates. It's easy and convenient to access but having to edit it in Google Docs can be a pain.

How do I make a CV in Word UK? ›

Here are the steps you could follow to create a CV in Microsoft Word:
  1. Search for CV templates in Microsoft Word. ...
  2. Gather all the information for your CV. ...
  3. Enter information into the provided sections on your template. ...
  4. Format and streamline your CV. ...
  5. Review your CV or ask for a second opinion. ...
  6. Save your Word CV as a PDF.
Mar 16, 2023

What is the CV format for the UK? ›

There are currently two main formats recognised in the UK: the chronological (or rather reverse chronological) format, which is the most commonly used and requested by recruiters, and the skills-based format, which is the CV format recommended for those who do not have any work experience yet.

Is there a truly free CV template? ›

Yes, there are! You can explore a list of free resume templates designed by Zety's Career Experts, which are available for download in different formats. When looking for free templates online, keep this in mind: They may not necessarily be as versatile as the paid ones.

How can I create a CV and download it for free? ›

How to make a CV
  1. Open Canva. Log in to your Canva account and search for “CV templates” or “Resumes” to get started.
  2. Choose the perfect template. Browse our selection of professionally designed CV templates. ...
  3. Edit your CV template. ...
  4. Present your credentials in creative ways. ...
  5. Save and submit your CV.

Which CV builder is free? ›

Resume.com is great for jobseekers looking to quickly create a professional resume. This 100% free resume builder provides resume examples to help you during the process.

How to download CV from zety for free? ›

To download a free resume from Zety, complete your resume, go to the “Download” tab, and select Plain Text (. txt) as the preferred format. If you wish to generate a document in a different format (e.g., a PDF resume or Word file), you will require a paid Zety account.

Where to find best CV templates? ›

  • Cubic. Create my CV now. Cubic is a firm user favourite at Zety. ...
  • Newcast. Create my CV now. Remember when the best CV templates were in Word and had that same basic layout? ...
  • Diamond. Create my CV now. ...
  • Enfold. Create my CV now. ...
  • Vibes. Create my CV now. ...
  • Muse. Create my CV now. ...
  • Concept. Create my CV now. ...
  • Crisp. Create my CV now.
Dec 13, 2022

Is it worth paying for a CV UK? ›

You can pay someone to write your CV for you, and more often than not, it is worth the investment. The job market is competitive and writing your CV can be stressful when you're not 100% sure how to craft it in the best way. Enlisting help from a CV writing service may be one of the best career decisions you ever make.

Do you need a CV in the UK? ›

In the United States and Canada, a resume is the preferred document. Americans and Canadians would only use a CV if they were applying for a job abroad, or if they were searching for a research or academic oriented position. However, you should use a CV in the UK, Ireland and New Zealand for all purposes.

How much does it cost to write a CV UK? ›

CV People

Cost: The cost will vary depending on your level of experience and the package you choose. Prices range from £139 to £305. Features of CV People include: Four levels of packages depending on your experience.

What is the difference between UK and US CV format? ›

The British CV is a more complete summary of your entire professional background. Unlike the American résumé, a British CV can be longer than one page and can include parts of your professional background that are not relevant to the job you are applying for. Title: This is the same as on the résumé.

Should I send CV in Word or PDF UK? ›

The best format for your resume at the moment is a PDF. A PDF resume is readable by ATS and also keeps your formatting and illustrations in place. You can use an online resume builder like Enhancv which downloads your resume as a PDF.

What is the difference between UK CV and US resume? ›

In the UK there is no difference between a CV and a resume. Both terms refer to the same thing, although 'resume' is not used at all in the UK. In the USA there is a big difference between a resume and a CV: a resume is what would be called a CV in the UK and a CV is used only in academic contexts.

How do I get a CV template on Word? ›

Here are the steps you can take to write a CV using a Microsoft Word template:
  1. Choose a CV template. Start by opening Microsoft Word and selecting "New" from the column on the left. ...
  2. Personalize the template. ...
  3. Save your CV as a Word document and PDF.
Sep 30, 2022

How many pages is a CV UK? ›

Keep your CV concise and to the point. It should be no more than 2 pages of A4 unless you are applying for an academic / research post. Focus on your recent and most relevant experience and achievements. The employer wants to read a tailored CV focused on transferable experience, skills and achievements.

How long should a CV be UK? ›

A standard CV in the UK should be no longer than two sides of A4. Take a look at our example of a chronological CV for inspiration. That said one size doesn't fit all. For example, a school leaver or recent graduate with minimal experience may only need to use one side of A4.

Is Zety a free CV maker? ›

With Zety, you can make a resume for free, and download it in the format of your choice. The most common formats for a resume are PDF and Word.

Is Zety a free CV builder? ›

Zety's resume builder is free to use. This means anyone can create a resume using our online resume builder with ready-to-use content suggestions and the application wizard and open it in a preview to see what it looks like. The only paid feature of Zety's resume builder is downloading the document.

Is CV Genius free? ›

It's the top-rated free CV maker online because it allows you to: Pick your favourite CV template from a selection of modern and traditional designs. Create a full-length CV no matter your skill set, experience level, or background.

Is perfect CV free? ›

Visit myperfectCV creator now and choose your CV for free, you can save various CV templates and customise them in minutes.

How much does Zety CV Maker cost? ›

Sign up for a full year for $71.40 only, and enjoy unlimited resumes and cover letters you can customize for each job you apply for and download in a variety of formats, plus extra benefits!

Is Zety fake or real? ›

Overview. Zety has a rating of 4.3 stars from 93 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Reviewers satisfied with Zety most frequently mention customer service. Zety ranks 28th among Resume sites.

Is Indeed resume Builder free? ›

Easy and Free Online Resume Builder. Create your resume in minutes with Indeed's free resume builder. Download it to your computer or use it to apply for any job on Indeed.

How much does Zety cost per month? ›

Pricing: 14-day access—$2.95 ($23.95/month automatically afterward) + $0.45 for every additional download, print, or email. Monthly access—$5.95 (if you pay $71.40, you save some on all-year-long full access)

What is the best CV format DOC or PDF? ›

Unless the company specifically requires you to send a Word resume (because their ATS doesn't read other formats), we recommend you use PDF.

Is it worth buying a CV template? ›

If you're using a template because you haven't got time to craft a CV from scratch, that's fine – but don't push your luck. Templates are only ever intended to be a starting point for your applications, allowing you to add to them as your career progresses.

What is the most popular CV format UK? ›

A 2-page CV format is more acceptable in the UK than in the U.S. (in America, 2-page CVs are usually only for candidates with decades of experience). One-pagers do exist, but it's also common to have your CV printed on BOTH sides of the sheet. Cover letters are often used in the U.S.

How much does a professional CV cost? ›

You should expect to pay up to $200. Professional level: If you are approaching 10-15 years of experience, you'll need someone with more experience who can concisely summarize your career with relevant keywords. For this range, your resume writer will likely charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $200-$400.

Do employers prefer CV or resume? ›

When applying for most jobs in the U.S., a resume works best. You simply want to give the potential employer a reason to interview you. Applying for positions in the academic, research, scientific, and medical fields may require a CV rather than a resume.

What do Americans call CV? ›

A CV is typically called a “résumé” in the USA and is often no longer than one page in length. • An American “CV” is mainly used to apply for academia, research, science or education. It is much more detailed and no more than two pages in length.

What do they call CV in USA? ›

In many European countries, CV is used to describe all job application documents, including a resume. In the United States and Canada, CV and resume are sometimes used interchangeably.

Should you have your address on your CV UK? ›

For the protection of your personal data, do not put your full postal address on your CV. Historically, the convention was to include it, but today you must not do this. You should only share your address with an employer if they've offered you the job.

What is the best CV service in the UK? ›

Some of the top CV writing company UK websites include The CV Centre (James Innes Group), Careers Expert and Purple CV.

Does a CV need a photo UK? ›

Including a photo on your CV – UK rules

In short, don't include a photo on your CV in the UK. Why? Even though in the past it was standard practice to include a profile picture on your CV, that is no longer the case. It's due to strict anti-discrimination employment laws.

Are there free CV templates? ›

Free CV templates for every possible career.

Build a CV in any style for any industry with the free Adobe Express editor. Then, use your CV as a template to make a matching cover letter.

Is my perfect CV UK free? ›

Visit myperfectCV creator now and choose your CV for free, you can save various CV templates and customise them in minutes. It's your CV - but better!

How to download PDF from Zety for free? ›

To download a free resume from Zety, complete your resume, go to the “Download” tab, and select Plain Text (. txt) as the preferred format. If you wish to generate a document in a different format (e.g., a PDF resume or Word file), you will require a paid Zety account.

What not to include in a CV UK? ›

So here they are, 10 things not to do on your CV:
  • Providing irrelevant personal information. ...
  • Burying important information. ...
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. ...
  • Unexplained gaps in employment. ...
  • Lying or misleading information. ...
  • A long, waffly CV. ...
  • Badly formatted CV. ...
  • Meaningless introductions.

Who is the best CV writing company UK? ›

The Top 7 Professional CV Writing Services in the UK for June
  1. Purple CV. Cost: £50 for early career level, £190 for niche professions, £95 for mid-career CV and £135 for the mid-career bundle. ...
  2. TopCV. Cost: From £99 to £219, depending on the level of CV package. ...
  3. The CV Centre. ...
  4. CV People. ...
  5. Sarah Lovell. ...
  6. The Fuller CV. ...
  7. The CV Store.
Jun 8, 2023


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