YouTuber Mazelee: Family, Children, Husband, Wiki by Alena Maze (2023)

• MAZELEE is a YouTube channel created by Alena Maze, an African-American YouTube star, and her Korean husband, Joseph Lee.
• They have 7 children and the channel has nearly two million subscribers and over 350 videos.
• Alena and Joe express their cultural mix through their content, such as Korean food and culture, and address the everyday challenges of a busy household.
• Have an estimated net worth of $650,000 from 270 million cumulative views.
• Alena and Joe also use their social media platforms to promote togetherness culture and discuss current political and racial divisions.



  • 1 What is the MAZELEE YouTube channel about?
  • 2 Who is Alena Maze?
  • 3 Her husband Joseph Lee
  • 4 YouTube channel by MAZELEE
  • 5 An unusual couple
  • 6 How much does MAZELE earn? net worth?
  • 7 Are they active on Instagram and other social media?

What is the MAZELEE YouTube channel about?

Mazalee is a family-focused channel that explores the challenges of multiracial marriage and documents the everyday experience of living in an extended family of nine with parents of diverse racial and cultural backgrounds. The channel's content creators are Alena Maze, a 35-year-old African-American YouTube star, and her husband Joseph Lee, a photojournalist and videographer whose parents immigrated to the United States from South Korea.

Who is Alena Maze?

Alena Maze was born on September 3, 1985 in the United States. Prior to his YouTube career, he earned a Masters in Mathematics from Georgetown University and a Ph.D. in Research Methodology and Statistics from the University of Maryland, College Park shortly thereafter.

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As of 2010, he worked as a mathematical statistician for the US government.

Not much is known about her relationships, but in 2009 she was already a mother of four when she launched her YouTube channel, with the aspiration to create content that offers advice, entertainment and insights into her life as a single mother. Early in her career, her main focus was hair, food, and vlogging herself and the kids. However, her career as a YouTuber took off when she started the MAZELEE channel with her husband Joe Lee. Today they have 7 children: Amyah, Akyli, Azaio, Arazo, Ajedi, Ajoui and Baby #7, who are often the focus of her videos.

Her husband Joseph Lee

Alena and Joe met in high school (Joseph was born in Maryland), but life took them in different directions. However, they maintained an amicable relationship during this time, culminating in marriage and three children nearly a decade later. With his background as a photojournalist and seasoned cinematographer, it's obvious that Joe is the artistic director behind MAZELEE productions. Today he is a devoted father who settles down with Alena and enriches her life by adding Korean influences like culture and food. He successfully jumps from full-time dad to YouTuber and editor. Through his posts and content, Joe often expresses his perspective as a Korean when facing the daily challenges of a busy household.

YouTuber Mazelee: Family, Children, Husband, Wiki by Alena Maze (1)

Canal do YouTube de MAZELEE

Combining their last names, Alena and Joe created the name MAZELEE for a YouTube channel that already has nearly two million subscribers and over 350 videos. They share almost every aspect of their lives with the public, such as the simple daily life of a family with seven children, family reunions, an unusual train journey across the United States or moving to a new home in California.

They are also known for filming and documenting some very personal and intimate moments, like the video where subscribers found out about Alena's (seventh) pregnancy. Every detail of their lives is flavored with light humor and shows that the family enjoys every moment they spend together.

However, the family's popularity also stems from their cultural and racial differences.

Another element that contributes to the high audience of this channel is the fact that the family does not try to present a perfectly harmonious life, in which there are no setbacks and stress, normal even in less demanding homes. Every YouTuber knows that sometimes going public and showing your life can be a two-way street. There are many "trolls" on the Internet who do not hesitate to express their opinion and criticize Alena as a mother and her teaching ability. All comments are always positive, but some don't give much chance for the long-term survival of this relationship. However, at least for now, this couple manages to find a balance and resolve all their differences.

Their cultural mix translates to Joe's cooking skills as well, as everyone loves to eat Korean food, so it's no surprise that they post Korean food videos on their channel. Joe speaks Korean and teaches his youngest children to speak the language, and Alena picked up a few phrases from them too! Both seem willing to learn from each other, encourage each other intellectually, creatively and on all other levels.

A very important and interesting dimension of your channel is the religious element. Alena is known for professing a spiritual outlook and journey: she often quotes Bible verses and shares her intimate thoughts on religion and how it affects her state of mind and upbringing.

Both she and Joe seem to enjoy their role as parents, and due to its vibrancy and cultural diversity, their channel has amassed a huge following and views.

an unusual couple

Although the United States is commonly known as the "melting pot", the combination of a black woman and a Korean man is still an unusual sight. The fact is that they look so unusual together that hardly anyone connects them or sees them as a couple! But they are, and breaking stereotypes, they show that there are no barriers when people create and share common values ​​and build their relationship based on mutual understanding and respect.

Being the father of four children early on in their relationship must have been quite a challenge for Joe, who was childless before marrying Alena.

Despite that, he seems to have done a great job in this very demanding role. Alena, on the other hand, also had to deal with certain prejudices that Joe's family, especially his mother, had towards her! It certainly came as a surprise to this Korean family when their son decided to marry a black woman with four children from a previous marriage, just a week after she officially divorced her ex-husband!

However, everything worked out well with the birth of the first baby, and both families quickly learned and accepted that opening up to others and other people is an enrichment and asset, not a hindrance. This pairing proves that an apparent difference can be turned into good variety and advantage.

How much money does MAZELE earn? net worth?

With a productive channel, his estimated net worth is $650,000 from 270 million cumulative views. The channel gets an average of 150,000 views per day and he earns around $750 from the ads that appear on his channel. As YouTube channels are a very popular and effective way to promote brands and businesses, it's no surprise that MAZELEE often partners with various sponsors like Hershey's, Universal Studio Hollywood, WAYB, Google, etc.

Are they active on Instagram and other social media?

Although they seem completely concerned about their large and dynamic family, both are active on social media, where in addition to numerous photos, they also post comments about current trends in social life.

In these difficult times, when basic human rights are being tested, Alena has stepped back to speak her mind. On his Instagram, he posted a photo of Ahmaud Arbery, an unarmed 25-year-old black man who was shot while jogging near Brunswick, in Glynn County, and whose killers have not been arrested.

He also wrote an affirmative message, urging Americans to vote in the latest election, combining the slogan "Black Life Matter" with the slogan "Black vote matter!" This is African Americans' way of reminding them that the right to vote was a long and hard ancestral struggle and should not be taken for granted.

At a time when American society faces multiple political challenges and racial segregation is a renewed focus, this couple not only promotes a culture of coexistence, but shows that it is possible to overcome differences and prejudices. Isn't that the true spirit of America?

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